June 3, 2008

HOWTO: Paste clipboard contents to a CMD.exe window

It was screwing me that when I was working in Windows Command Line interface (cmd.exe) I couldn’t use the CRTL+V or Shift+Insert combination to paste a text from the clipboard. I always had to use the mouse pointer, right click and the paste option from a contextual menu. That was really annoying :-(

Fortunately I found a solution that makes this paste process much more simple:

It’s a bit tricky, and it may take some time while you get that combination into your fingers, but it works :-) So the “magic” keys combination is: “ALT+Space e p”. That is, first press the ALT and the Space key at the same time. A window menu will be shown:


Then press the “e” key. That will move the selected menu option to the Edit>. And finally press the “p” key to paste a text from the windows clipboard.


It’s just that simple. Made by Microsoft to be user-friendly :-)