May 12, 2008

Computer Tomography - CT

I have been on CT few weeks ago. It was my first "experience" and and I was a bit exited about it. When I arrived to the hospital, to the CT station, I had to wait for about a half an hour to get my turn. The CT "machine" looked like a big circle (it was bigger then me I guess) and at the top it had a logo of Philips (let's make things better). Unfortunately I didn't take any picture of it :-(

Well, the CT itself took just about 2 or less minutes and I have got the results on CD. You may guess what was the first thing that I had done with that CD :-D I had my laptop with myself, so I woke it up (I don't remember when was the last time when I clicked on the Shutdown button in Windows as I always just put my laptop to Sleep or Hibernate mode) and checked what's on the CD. There was some application for viewing the results so I started it. And wu-ala, I was looking at my head from inside :)

My head from side.

My head in layers from front.

There were about 400 photos taken and the provided application can create nice animations of those photos. Unfortunately I don't have any screen recording application installed here on my laptop so I cannot show it to you :-(

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