June 17, 2008

I am going crazy for the iPhone!

On the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2008, Steve Jobs introduced the new iPhone 3G with 3G support, GPS, Enterprise support (MS Exchange, Cisco VPN, etc.), additional languages support, the iPhone 3G will be officially sold now in 70 countries and many more new features!


But what really makes me crazy is THE PRICE!!!! For the 8GB version of the iPhone 3G it’s only $199 !!!!! WOW! Amazing! I can’t wait until I get my own iPhone 3G ;-)

image There is also a new SDK available that makes mobile application development as easy as never before.

I definitely recommend to watch the keynote from the WWDC conference.


  1. That price is great, but i think in SK it would cost much more, and you have to have 2 year contract with mobile providers :( but is good to hear about that future apps that will be available.

  2. Well, I dunno about the final price in SR, but Steve said in his presentation that the new iPhone 3G will be for $199 in every country. So we will see :-)