June 3, 2008

Official Cisco Wiki



Did you know that there is an official Cisco Wiki page? It’s at supportwiki.cisco.com. It seems that this wiki is not as open as the Wikipedia is and probably it’s edited only by Cisco employees :( You can contribute on this wiki by logging in (login link at the top of the page) with your CCO account (guest level is enough).

I have already found there some interesting tips and solutions. I definitely recommend to check it out and contribute on it :-)

Because we are more powerful together, that we ever could be apart.


  1. I hope you like it.

    Craig Tobias
    Cisco Systems
    Solutions Architect

  2. @craig:
    Yes, I like it very much :-)
    It was a great idea to start a wiki like that. I hope it will grow as quickly as possible :-)
    btw: A direct link from www.cisco.com could be a good promotion.

  3. Great minds think alike :)

    That will be coming in just the next few days as well as links from the various discussion forums (NetPro) to the respective wiki pages. We will also have a links from each product support page to the corresponding wiki page, also, we are in the process now of integrating it with cisco.com's new search engine.

    We have a lot going on that is for sure!!

    Also, some additonal items will be Flash Video Help
    3D rotating images of products
    an image library of non-marketing images. Images such as rack-mount kits, components, ports, and cables.