August 9, 2008

Cool cold fire flame – in your hand

How To Make Fire Balls - Amazing videos are here

This is an amazing howto video of an amazing thing – how to hold and play with a fire flame in your hand and not get burned. I guess it might be pretty cool to show this trick to ppl on some parties. You will be the party hero who can hold fire in his hands :-D

August 6, 2008

Packet Tracer 5.0 has been released!

I have found today on the Cisco Academy Connection webpage a new icon in the left navigation toolbar. It was a link to a new version of Packet Tracer – PT 5.0. Finally, after almost 6 month of beta testing, the PT5.0 is now available for every Cisco Networking Academy member.

So are you a Networking Academy member? Don’t hesitate! Go ahead, click to and get download your copy of PT5.0.


A public advertising video about PT5.0 is available at

A list of new features in PT5.0 is available in my older post.

Here is a screenshot from the last version that was available only for beta testers:


And here goes a screenshot of a freshly released PT5.0, downloaded from the Academy Connection:

*(You can notice that there is still an “RC1” note in the PT window. So far I don’t have any more information about this release so I cannot say if this is the RTM (Ready to Manufacturing) final release. Anyway, it’s good that now everyone can access PT5.0 and use its amazing new features!)

** I have no information about the PT Portal (screenshot bellow) release date (or even if it will be ever released).


August 4, 2008

Pre-ISR routers discontinued in IOS :-(

The old Cisco battleships, the pre-ISR routers, are going to be discontinued in the next upcoming IOS versions, starting from 12.4(20)T.

I found this information while I was going through a presentation about new features that were implemented in the 12.4(20)T version of IOS:


So the last available IOS for pre-ISR routers will be the 12.4(15)T version. For more information, go to