December 22, 2007


I am back at home.

December 10, 2007

Hello World

Have you ever wondered why is it "Hello World"? Why it is not "It works" or something else, maybe more useful? Well, because I work a lot with computers, networks, etc. I do not want to change this "habit" so here we go:

Hello World
So after having the initial Hello World, let's see what is this all going to be about :-) In this blog I will try to publish my experiences (mainly) with networking stuff, operating systems, security, VoIP and other very "interesting" things (Although my non-IT friends will maybe ask me what am I talking about). Now you may ask who am I. Or maybe not, but anyway, I will tell you :-) My name is Jozef Janitor, I am (a guy) from Slovakia in Central Europe, from a city called Kosice. Actually, I live in a small nice village called Mala Ida which is just 12km far from Kosice. I am a Ing. (M.Sc.) student at Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at Department of Computers and Informatics. As a member of Computer Netwoks Laboratory (CNL) I work on some projects (mainly VoIP), and I administer our CNL network infrastructure. I also act as an instructor at Regional Cisco Networking Academy at Technical University of Kosice. Now you may think that "oh, yet another geek guy" and well, you are right :-) But I also like to do in my spare time some other things than IT: cycling, swimming, hiking, ... In a present time I am still in Finland, enjoying (well, to be honest working on projects and preparing for exams) my stay here as an international exchange student during this autumn semester at Jyvaskyla University of Applied Science. I guess that for the first Hello World post it is maybe enough. Have a nice day and C ya next time.