June 16, 2008

I have been awarded – Activity of the year 2007/2008

During the Annual Slovak and Czech Cisco Networking Academy conference (12.-14. June 2008) in High Tatras I have been awarded with the Activity of the year 2007/2008 in Slovakia.

As they said, it was for my long time work with Packet Tracer publication, emulation and simulation software reviews, teaching, deploying and presenting IP telephony courses in Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland and Czech republic and for leading the development of the NCTT NetAcad Curricula Translation Tool. I was quite surprised and I started smiling when I heard all these activities in a row and I knew that at the end there must be my name :-) And it was :-D

Thank you very much Cisco Networking Academy!

image image

From left: Karol Kniewald (AAM CZ),Me,John Edwards (Cisco EMEA),Frantisek Jakab (AAM SR)

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  1. Nice blog,

    I wish something like this could happen to myself one day, just to be awarded something in the I.T industry.