March 21, 2008

What's wrong with the weather???

About 3 weeks ago we had here for a few days a very nice sunny weather with +15°C outside.

But during the last week or so, the weather here is terrible :-( It's windy, rainy, cold and it's just about 6°C outside. What's happening to the weather?

During the last autumn and the beginning of the winter I was studying in Finland. I always thought that the weather in Finland will be pretty cold, I was ready to face the -30°C outside in December. But to my big surprise, the weather was not so cold there. Really, even when I was leaving on 21st of December, it was +1°C and it was not snowing but raining! Fortunately they have got some snow and colder weather in the beginning of the new year. But anyway, still not -30°C. On the other hand, they told me that few years ago it was normal that during the winter it was about -30°C, but the last years are still warmer.

I remember when I was younger (not that I am old now, I hope) we had here white snow during each X-mas, Easter was sunny and warmer, the summer was nicely warm from the beginning to the end without high temperatures that can kill ppl. I hope that the actual climate changes are only temporary and the weather will became back to normal. Otherwise I will get afraid about the future :-(

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