March 21, 2008


I have just heard an interesting story, which sounds a bit like a Spielberg movie script, that I want to share with you:

It's year 2010. There are people living on the world. One person, somewhere in a small city in India (or wherever else) suddenly became ill. It looks like it's just a flu. We face flu every year, we have powerful medicaments, so what? Nothing special, the person will get some antibiotics and he hopes that he will be again healthy in one week. But his health is getting worst and worst. The antibiotics are not helping. He has to go immediately to a hospital.

The doctors are starting to became worried that's maybe it's something new, something unknown yet. And they are right. A researcher finds out in the laboratory that the virus is a new flu mutation. Doctors are trying to help the ill person but they are hopeless. The ill person dies in the next 3 days. There was no cure for him. Unfortunately, that's not yet the end. It's just the beginning (of the end). The virus has already started it's journey among other people. First the nurses who were taking care of the ill person, then some friends of him, then the city where he was living and where the hospital was located.

After one week the virus is on each continent of the world. Doctors and researchers throughout the world are trying to find the cure. But they are not lucky. Nothing works. They are becoming hopeless. The last hope is to find someone who is resistive against the virus. People are starting to visit hospitals to give a sample of their blood. Hopefully someone will have in his blood some antigens against the virus.

There is a little 8 year old boy standing outside on the hospital's yard with his father waiting for their blood results. He asks his father "When are we going back home?" "Well son, I think it's not worth to wait here. Let's go home." answers his father when a doctor is running in their direction and he is saying out loud "Sir!, Sir!, wait please, please wait for a second". He stops where their are standing and with a big smile he says that they have found the antigen which is resistive against the virus. He continues saying "Your son is resistive. His blood has something which protects him against the virus. Please, come back with me, we have to make some additional tests!" Booth father and son starts to smile at each other and they are running back with the doctor to the hospital. There are already about 10 doctors waiting for them and they starts to make some tests with the blood of the boy. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! We have really found it!" starts yelling a doctor who is looking into his microscope. He seems to be very happy. Definitely he is. They have just found something what will rescue the whole mankind from death.

The father is waiting in the hall when another doctor came out with a paper and a pen in his hand. He doesn't seem to be very happy and he starts saying "Sir, we have found out that the blood of your son can help us to create an antivirus." "That's great! So when can we go home?" the father asks. "Well, to create the antivirus we need more of your son's blood. But because he is so young, the amount of blood we need to transfer from his body will kill him. I am here to ask you to sign this paper which will allow us to this blood transfer. Your son will help to cure all people on the world from this illness. I know it's a big price but that's the only way. Please help us, help to all other people!" The father is first very confused, he has to sacrifice his own son to help to everyone, even to himself. After a long thinking and considering every other chance, he agrees and signs the paper. He is going to visit his son for the last time when they have already started the blood transfer. His son is smiling at him and asks him once again "When are we going back home?". His father drops on the bed where his son is lying and starts crying.

One year after the cure was found and the world became back to normal, people all around the world create a celebration for this little boy who was sacrificed for them. During the celebration people are drinking, they start to argue with each other on different pointless topics, they start to fight, and they absolutely forget about the little boy. When the father sees this, he feel sorry for sacrificing his son for all these people.

What would you sacrifice for mankind?

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