March 14, 2008


No, there is no space missing between the "and" and the "Linux". The andLinux is a Ubuntu based Linux distribution which is very special in one way - it runs directly on Windows. How? Well, here is the answer: the project is based on coLinux (cooperative Linux).

CoLinux is an older project which has ported the Linux kernel to a windows executable file. So you can start the Linux kernel as a standard win32 file, and with some special additions you can add disk storage, networking, etc. Sounds good, doesn't it? :-) In this way you can start your Linux system whenever you want, while you are in Widnows. No need to reboot to Linux (e.g. dualboot), or start vmware or other virtualization technique.

Well, so the guys behind the andLinux project has created a Ubuntu installation which runs on top of coLinux. But not just that. They have also added some additional tools from their own garage, like they have added sound and graphics support (x11) and even more - you can for example open PDF files on your Windows's My Documents folder with a xpdf started trough andLinux. And the best thing is that it's all packaged into a nice, user-friendly windows installation package so even a non computer geek can install it without bigger issues. It's really amazing! Guys, you have done a really great job!


You can access andLinux at

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