January 1, 2008

Want a USB sound card? Buy it from Cisco!

Cisco was some years ago commonly known as a network routing and switching company. Actually they started just with a multiprotocol routing. Then they expanded and added switching, firewalls, vpns, voip and telecommunications, storage, video, ... Today I cannot think about any network related thing that Cisco has no solution for. I even have a camera with a Cisco Systems logo on my monitor :-) Just year or 2 years ago they announced a video conferencing solution called Telepresence which brings people together as if they were sitting face2face. You really have to experience it! But the Telepresence has brought something unexpected to Cisco. Cisco now sells also furniture :-D Yeah, really. If you are buying a Telepresence solution then you will get a completely new room equipped and furnished by Cisco (I haven't seen it in real life but I guess that even the chairs have Cisco logo on the back). Anyway, I found a new hardware from Cisco - an USB sound card (MOH-USB-AUDIO=). It is designed to be used with Cisco Unified Communications Manager as a source for Music on Hold feature. From documentation: The Cisco MoH USB audio sound card (MOH-USB-AUDIO=) must be used for connecting a fixed or live audio source to the MoH server. This USB sound card is compatible with all MCS platforms supporting Cisco Unified CM Release 5.x.

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