January 17, 2008

M$ always brings a smile to your face ...

... if not by creating a stable operating system (well, I have to admit that XP and 2k3 are pretty good), then by creating a funny ad. I was browsing around some news sites and found a nice post about a new Microsoft book. This new book was designed for children and their parents to explain and understand why it is not a shame to have a server at your home (Who is the PR manager at M$?). Well, I "think" it's really a matter of life to explain to kids that a home server is nothing wrong, it doesn't make you nerdy and the other kids are making fun of them just because they are jealous and they want to have a home server too. Really, a book about a computer security would be much better and more useful than this :-/ http://tinyurl.com/2yq5u3

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