September 4, 2008

Google OS: it’s a browser - Google Chrome

image Google has yesterday published a public download of its own web browser – Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is a brand new web browser build from scratch and uses amazing new techniques.

For web pages rendering, Chrome uses Apple’s WebKit which is used in Safari and iPhone too. That makes loading of web pages really fast.

For JavaScript running it uses the V8 JavaScript virtual machine. V8 compiles javascript into a code that can run directly on a CPU so it makes a big speedup for processing JavaScript codes.

Each web page runs in its own process. That means that if a web page causes a browser crash (BUGs are everywhere), only a tab where that one web page was running will crash. It also means that memory leaks that are well known from other browsers does not affect Google Chrome. When you close a tab, you close a process and free all the memory that was reserved for that webpage. Isn’t it great? No more killing the whole browser just because it eats 1.1GB of your RAM.

As a developer you have access to a nice DOM tree, process manager, etc.

So far I really like it, even tho I am missing some great features from Firefox – plugins, rss handling, google bookmarks integration, etc.


You can download and learn more about Google Chrome from and don’t forget to read a nice animated story about Google Chrome at

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