February 24, 2008

Packet Tracer 5.0 - New Features

As Cisco has published an official announcement for the Packet Tracer 5.0, I think, now it should be OK to republish my previous post about PT5.0:

By the request from Cisco, I am temporarily retracting this blog post.


I have been selected as a beta tester for the new Cisco Packet Tracer 5.0 for the Cisco Networking Academy. During the last week we had a Meetingplace conf call with the PT project manager where he showed in his presentation some of the new features. Conclusion? WOW! The Packet Tracer 5.0 will bring many new brilliant features. Just to mention some of them:

WOW feature #1:

PT5.0 will be multi-user. It means you will be able to run multiple instances of PT5.0 on one or more computers and then connect them together trough IP sockets. With this feature you will be able to create one big topology, distributed across computers on your classroom and each student will work on his small part of the big picture. It can lead to network games, challenge labs, etc. Great job guys!


WOW feature #2:

Native PT5.0 Linux release! Finally Linux users will be able to use the PT. Although they were already able to run it with Wine.

WOW feature #3:

Open Devel API – PT5.0 will offer an open development API for Flash Action Script and C++. You will be able to write your own PT addons, features, etc. One of the great addon could be a plugin which connects the virtual PT5.0 devices to a real devices!

WOW feature #4:

PT portal – There will be a PT web portal which will collect information about PT, labs for PT, manuals, applications, plugins (addons), etc. It will be available at http://pt.netacad.net

And at last, but not least, some new protocol support:

  • IPv6
  • Multi-Area OSPF
  • Route Redistribution
  • Multilayer Switch (3560)
  • SSH
  • RSTP
  • Frame Relay update
  • Interface range
  • Different grades for different commands in labs
  • Possibility for locking PT to the student's name

A release for the beta testers will be released probably on 28th of February 2008, and a final public release is planed for the beginning of this summer.


  1. Jozef-

    First off, congratulations and thank you - you got all the information about Packet Tracer 5.0 correct in your blog post. It's very gratifying to see that you care and pay attention to the work we do.

    As happy as we are (and we really are) to see your blog post, there is a problem I must bring to your attention: the end-user agreement for Packet Tracer 5.0 beta contains what is called a "Non-Disclosure" clause, in which you promise to keep all information about the beta private.

    We all understand and appreciate your enthusiasm, but the beta is a closed one (we are not inviting everyone) and the "portal" is not yet ready for use. So we really don't want to publicize it yet.

    We would be very grateful if you would please retract the blog entry for now. We'll give you permission to publish it before the release of PT 5.0, but not until the beta has had more time to "cook" in the expert hands of the beta testers.

    I hope you understand and can accommodate us.

    Thank you,

    Bill Moffitt
    Product Manager, Collaboration
    Cisco Networking Academy

  2. @Bill Moffitt:
    Thank you for reminding me the NDA. I have retracted this blog post for a while.
    btw: Have you got any change in the statement that if our students did not sign the NDA, they cannot access the PT5.0 beta for testing? During our last conf call with Mr. Anderson, there were some proposals like providing PT5.0 beta in virtual machines, or a "big" beta logo in the starting splash screen, etc.
    Do you have any news in this area?

    Thank you.

    All the best,
    Jozef Janitor
    RCNA Kosice, Slovakia

  3. Jozef-

    Thank you. Yes, we have been talking about how to open it up when the time comes (when it's more stable, etc.). All those proposals (and more) are on the table, but we're still trying to get the PT Portal site stable enough to get the beta off the ground.

    You can also send me an email: bmoffitt at, well, you know the rest... ;-)

    - Bill

  4. HI! Today is 2th of July.
    Anybody knows something about this version?
    I mean, when is gonna be released...
    Whe are still waiting...

    Thank you for your time.

  5. @George: So far there was only the RC1 version. I guess there will be still some RC2 and just then the final (RTM) public version will be published. The final version will be available through the Academy Connection.
    Hopefully, already during this summer, you will be able to play with the new PT 5.0 :-)

  6. plz send packet tracer 5.0 an mail chieflab (at) gmail(dot)com

  7. I'm starting the Exploration LAN Switching and Wireless module at the end of the month.

    What progress has been made with the PT5 Beta?

    Has it finished "cooking"?

  8. @William: For the Exploration LAN Switching and Wireless course the PT 5.0 brings support of the Spanning Tree Protocol and well as the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol. I was really missing these features in PT 4.11, but finally we have got them in PT 5.0 :-)

    Good luck with your studies!

  9. @Anonymous: Unfortunately I am not allowed to do that :-/

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  11. i love this it easier.bravo

  12. it supports IPv6 but, what about dual-stack and RIPv6?

  13. @TT: there is support for IPv6 on computers, on routers, as well as on 3560 L3 switch. And you can of course use RIP NG, OSPF V3, EIGRP or static IPv6 routing so you can play with IPv6 like on real devices :-)

  14. Hello!

    Thank you!
    Now! you can download the Packet Tracer 5 at the cisco academy web page.


  15. @George: Yes, the PT5.0 was finally released on 6th of August.
    You can read more about it at http://blog.jozjan.net/2008/08/packet-tracer-50-has-been-released.html

  16. Is packet tracer 5.0 enough to simulate all labs of CCNP exams?

  17. Is packet tracer 5.0 enough to simulate all labs of CCNP exams?

  18. @roses121182: No it's not ready yet to simulate all CCNP labs. 'tho for the CCNA labs it's pretty good :-)

  19. Thanks for packet team they give a enviormen by using that poor countries peoples such as pakistani peoples take experties
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  20. I am not a Cisco academy student how can i download this PT 5.0

  21. @Anonymous: Well, ehm, I am thinking about a wise answer that I could give you :-) Try some unofficial paths like t*rrents, etc.

    @virus.exe: No, there is not yet support for BGP. As far as I know, it it not even planed to be included in the next major release of PT (6.0) as the BGP algorithm is rather difficult to implement in PT code.

  22. hey dude..hello there can u show me how to use the multi user connection? i cnt make one.. huhuh


  23. i downlaod the packet tracer 5.0, but my winzip is requesting for a decryt password.. pls help

  24. @Anonymous: Weird, it might be that the downloaded package is broken. Try to download it once again.

  25. thanks

    but i wanna ask if there is any sim could support voip as well as devices

  26. Hi again

    would you send me the version to my email

  27. @Aladin: well, if you want to use VoIP simulation, you should have a look and try to use Dynamips (or GNS3), which emulates a real HW so you can run real IOS with voice features as well. On the level of VoIP endpoints you can try to use softphones.

  28. Hi
    Does it have the ability to build tunnel interfaces?
    E.g. you can not use this command in Packet Tracer 4: "interface tunnel0"
    Another question: What's the latest version of Packet Tracer & is it free?

  29. @Okhovvat: The current version of PT does not support tunnel interfaces. There is a chance the next major update will add also this support, as it should be suitable to teach/learn some parts of the CCNP curricula as well.
    The question about freeingness - Packet Tracer is free for all Cisco Networking Academy members (e.g. Instructors, Students, etc.)

  30. You can download Packet Tracer 5.0 from:

  31. Simulator of network Boson NetSim 6.0 with lab's

  32. Network programs for Windows!


  33. I NEED HELP!! Im a current networking academy student and I'm having trouble with packet tracer. My professor wants all labs completed and I'm way behind schedule. If anyone has Cisco 2 pacekt tracer labs on a flash drive, please send me an email.


  34. can someone tell me how to set up a frame relay nwk w/ tracer..


  35. it is very use full
    پروژه های دانشجویی

  36. @Anonymous: Add a new device to your topology from: "WAN Emulation"->"Cloud-PT". Click on the "Config" tab of the "Cloud-PT" device. There you have 4 Serial interfaces used for Frame Relay. Click on each and add your own DLCI addresses that will be available on those physical Serial interfaces. When done, click on the "Frame Relay" menu, and create frame relay mappings between DLCIs and Serial interfaces.
    I have created a demo topology for you @ http://tinyurl.com/qjvt52

  37. hi,
    which modle router is supporting all the featuares of ipv6, including rip please

  38. hi,
    can i configure isdn bri in PT5.0
    if yes then how??

  39. @Anonymous: unfortunately you cannot configure ISDN.
    @152207: All routers support IPv6.

  40. hi i want to download packet tracer 5.0 software plz tell me link

  41. not true. Not all the routers support Ipv6. and actualy it missess a lot of futures for completing the cna

  42. how to download packet tracer setup..helpppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....tensionnnnnnnnn

  43. I want to use VoIP simulation, how do I emulate real IOS utilizing voice as well?

  44. Nice, it's great Linux is getting new versions too, even though I'm a windows user, if I don't get the system with my computer I'll install Linux.