July 29, 2008

Pocket commands guide

You must have seen those small “form factor” books named like “Handy command line guide”. Now you can make your own pocket commands guide for Cisco devices.

Well, there is an blog post at ciscoblog.com about a “show parser” command. The “show parser” displays all the commands and their syntax that are known and are available in the CLI. You can create a dump of all available commands, save it info a file, and then if you are looking for a command related to BGP, just grep the output file for BGP.

gw#show parser dump all tftp://s/ListOfCommands-124-15.T4.txt

I was trying to find of how many BGP commands are in the list:

jozjan@stargate:/tftpboot$ grep bgp ListOfCommands-124-15.T4.txt |wc -l

But WOW, there are more OSPF commands than BGP:

jozjan@stargate:/tftpboot$ grep ospf ListOfCommands-124-15.T4.txt | wc -l


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